Fractures Revisited

August 4, 2014

As we near our annual refresher, let’s take a look again at fractures.

As I’m sure that all of you have already read and completed Case number 2 from our refresher guide 😉 This medical Monday should be a review.

Leg fractures have been nearly eliminated on a ski hill because of greater safety equipment and efforts to educate the public. But we still have those that insist that the ski hill is the place to practice their newest Circ Du Soleil routine and sometimes with tragic results.

An Open fracture, while looking more intimidating and requiring differing treatment at the hospital level is still a relatively simple injury within our scope of practice.

We need to stabilize the injury by immobilizing above and below the injury site and because it is open we need to control bleeding. It’s really that simple from our point of view.

But what if you can’t apply direct pressure over the wound because of pain? Pressure applied around the wound or to pressure points proximal to the injury may help control blood loss.

This article provides more general information about all fractures and treatments for your review.

Obviously, this is not an injury that we can definitively treat ourselves so we should have the patient transported to a hospital for care and probable surgery to debride the wound and set the bone ends.

Seeing exposed bones in anything than your chicken dinner can be very intimidating, but please remember that it’s only a matter of handling two things that we’re well prepared to control.

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