A Firm Foundation

October 13, 2014

Carving is only one aspect of improving our skiing abilities. To become a beautify and proficient skier, we must add a number of elements.

We’ve all seen skiers on the hill that draw our attention as “pretty” skiers. These skiers are not doing anything unique or special, but have mastered the fundamentals and make them look effortless.

Proper use of Poles, hip position, weight in our boots can all affect not only our balance, but the performance of our skies.

I have frequently shown a picture of an engineer and an architect standing in front of the straight standing Tower of Pisa. The engineer tells the architect “I’ve saved you a fortune of the footings, but nobody will notice.”

We are only as strong as our foundations, and our fundamentals!

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of the season. Time to make some plans to improve our skiing!

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