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Is It Real?

When practicing, learning or testing it’s important that we try to make our injuries or illnesses as realistic as possible. A simple piece of tape that says “wound here” will not help prepare the prehospital provider with an understanding of … Continue reading

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Head’s Up!

When doing CPR it’s important for us to keep our head in the game. It’s a stressful time as we are trying to resurrect a recently dead person. The emotions can fill us; the desire to fight off the Grim … Continue reading

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Can’t Touch ‘Dis

Mark Twain once said that the proper method of raising children was to, at 12, stick them in a pickle barrel and feed them through the hole. At 14 cork the hole and walk away. I’m sure that there are … Continue reading

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MacGyver Medicine

His mind is the ultimate weapon . . . So is yours! This tagline from the MacGyver television show sums up a lot of how we as medical providers should look at our abilities. The tools needed to care for … Continue reading

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Diagnose Like a Doctor

What’s your problem? Really. . . When we work with our patients, before we can really fix their problem we need to figure out what the real complaint is and where it’s true cause. This can be difficult when we … Continue reading

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