What’s Your Resolution?

Happy 2016 to everyone. I hope that you have a wonderful year and are able to continue to help others through your medical calling.

Every year as we begin anew, we make resolutions to be better; to lose weight, stop drinking, exercise. Have you every considered a professional resolution?

As we continue to do our job with the same people, the same policies and same preconceived notions of best practices we are potentially missing some great ways to treat patients. Have you ever considered taking a day and volunteer at another hill or ride along with another service? Every medic or patroller has a different idea of ideal and you just might learn something that has you rethinking your practice for the better. If you happen to be a service director, make arrangements with another service to trade people on a regular basis to help both companies grow.

Have you always been content with the refresher’s topics or have you wanted to learn more? There are many research studies that are ongoing. Read some of the published results and how they may benefit your practice. Read research, work with your medical director to begin gathering data for these experiments and help move pre-hospital care forward.

Look for ways to better serve our customers; the injured and their families. I’m not talking about medical skills but rather people skills. We must remember that these are people, someone else’s loved one. We can have the best medical skills but if we refuse to care, our care will be minimized.

Lastly, but most important. Spend some time now and plan date nights with your spouse. Divorce rates skyrocket in EMS. Our schedules are weird and we put complete strangers in front of our own health and relationships. Spend some time with a calendar and book date nights now. They don’t have to be special, just time together. My folks spend many major events together at Taco Bell. These little “Burrito” meetings help them wrap up items together for the betterment of their relationship.

I had seen a book titled “If it’s not broken, break it” and there were some great points to be learned. Just because it’s working doesn’t mean it cannot be working better. Spend 2016 mixing things up to look for the best practices from many services or patrols to help your care and your patient’s outcome.

Happy New Year!

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