Will You Be Successful?

Years ago I had watched a presentation on success in business and life. The crux of the presentation came to success is determined by who you know more than what you know. Being smart, working hard and reliability are very important but who you know can help bring your intelligence and diligence to greater success.

We have heard many who have complained that the world is out to get them; that it just isn’t giving them what they want. We have all met people that we just don’t want to be around. These people have already failed! Nobody wants to get to know them; those that do want to separate themselves.

With very few outliers, who you know is not determined by a relationship with a single person but rather the masses of people who consider you a person to be with.

Are you the person that everyone wants to associate? Do you make others feel important? Are you the one that makes everyone happy? Do strangers want to get to know you? These characteristics will lead to your success more than most others.

This last weekend we had our regional National Ski Patrol banquet. The room was filled with so many people that draw others because of who they are in addition to what they know. I want to take a moment to point out one young woman that that exemplifies what future success looks like. I had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth this season as I tried to obtain Senior qualification. In many ways I envy her. She is intelligent, dedicated and talented, but more than anything a wonderful person to be around; someone that others want to help succeed. She seems to be always happy, always caring and always willing to help others succeed.She will graduate from college this Saturday and move onto her career. I have no doubt that she will be successful because of who she is, in addition to what she knows.

I bring this one example, but the National Ski Patrol is filled with people like her. People that are very intelligent and dedicated, and who draw others to themselves because of their wonderful personalities and caring nature. I feel honored to be part of this group, which is why I continually work to help it succeed.

Many received well-deserved awards at the banquet. Without exception, the recipients have spent years drawing others to themselves because of how they made these same others feel better about themselves.

Why do I write this tribute on a medical blog? Because these same characteristics will lead to your success with patients, your career, ambulance, and patrol. Be the person that everyone wants to be with; be the one that everyone wants as a partner, as a friend. We’ve all had healthcare providers that have made us feel like a number, or a malady rather than a real person. Be the person that others want to be near because you make them feel important and needed.  If you can not only care for a person’s injuries but demonstrate true caring, your patients will benefit . . . and so will you.

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