Time for a Tune Up?

As many of you know, these articles are intended for Ski Patrollers as well as EMS personnel. The ski season has pretty much wound down for most of us, although there are a still very late season options for those that are still looking.

For the rest of us, it’s time to start storing equipment and ensuring their peak performance for next season. I have been told a while ago to start by reducing your DIN settings on all bindings to take the pressure off the springs during the offseason. This helps them maintain their “springiness” longer. Take a fine Sharpie and mark your current settings and unwind the pressure.

Now is also the time to ensure that there’s no rust or burrs on your edges. I found a great set of videos to help you better tune your equipment. If you continue to watch, this multiple part series will continue one after the next.

Invest time now to ensure that your equipment is prepared for peak performance next year. While you’re working, remember all of the great times skiing with friends this past year.

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