Originally created for the members of Pine Mountain Ski Patrol and the Patrollers of the North Central Region, Medical Monday offers continuing education on Medical skills as well as some skiing related topics.

This group will serve as an archive and a means to relay the information to any medical personnel willing to learn. It is an open group so please invite any medical, EMS, nursing, student or patrolling friends.

While some of the training is skiing related, by far the majority covers advanced first aid and medical topics in an easy to understand way.

This page is designed to be an archive of old articles. Please invite your friends!

Please make this a community by commenting and sharing information after the articles so that we can all learn. Please keep your points civil and educational.

The content here is created by me, with points to other articles. If you disagree with me, or I’ve made a mistake, please comment so that we can have an educational dialogue between everyone. We have a number of people in this group with advanced medical training and by opening the dialogue, we can all learn.

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  1. dclarew says:

    Thank you for your dedication and service to the medical field.


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