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It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift in Education!

I came across an article written by Dr. Bryan Bledsoe that really got me thinking recently. In it he suggested that we adopt a different model of pre-hospital education that is based upon competencies rather than simply hours. Over the … Continue reading

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Can Young Adults Care for Others?

I realize that this blog has become neglected over the last number of weeks. It’s really amazing how one’s volunteering can get in the way of volunteering. I’ve been very busy doing leadership training for the Boy Scouts and teaching … Continue reading

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Honoring our Brave Through Medicine

  Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with their families and friends celebrating the brave who have given their lives to provide us with a safe, free lifestyle. Yesterday we celebrated the freedom … Continue reading

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Time for a Tune Up?

As many of you know, these articles are intended for Ski Patrollers as well as EMS personnel. The ski season has pretty much wound down for most of us, although there are a still very late season options for those … Continue reading

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Happy EMS Week!

Congratulations for your decision to help others! Each of us has taken the step to become educated and increase our service to others. The world is a better place because you selflessly help others. The theme for this year is “EMS … Continue reading

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The (Often) Forgotten: EMS in America

Occasionally I come across blog posts by others that so accurately describe medical care that I begin to do research to add to the topic. This article was so well thought out that I am doing something new. . . Posting … Continue reading

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Will You Be Successful?

Years ago I had watched a presentation on success in business and life. The crux of the presentation came to success is determined by who you know more than what you know. Being smart, working hard and reliability are very important … Continue reading

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What’s Your Problem?

One of the more difficult problems in pre-hospital medicine is to determine what the problem exactly is without high-priced diagnostic equipment or labs. I had written in the past of the methods that a doctor uses to create a diagnosis … Continue reading

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Who’s the Most Important Person at a Scene?

As we began our medical training, we were taught that scene safety was paramount. Protecting ourselves and our partners from harm superseded the importance of care for our patient. The premise is valid; if we become injured, we cannot properly … Continue reading

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He has Risen

When I teach classes, I often ask students “What does CPR Stand for?” the common answer (and in reality the correct one) is Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation. I continue to tell them that it really stands for Cardio-Pulmonary Resurrection. The heart is … Continue reading

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