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It’s Time for a Paradigm Shift in Education!

I came across an article written by Dr. Bryan Bledsoe that really got me thinking recently. In it he suggested that we adopt a different model of pre-hospital education that is based upon competencies rather than simply hours. Over the … Continue reading

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Can Young Adults Care for Others?

I realize that this blog has become neglected over the last number of weeks. It’s really amazing how one’s volunteering can get in the way of volunteering. I’ve been very busy doing leadership training for the Boy Scouts and teaching … Continue reading

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What’s Your Potential?

The internet is an amazing place! The mass of the world’s knowledge is shared freely for everyone. Unfortunately, the mass of the world’s lunacy is also open to continuing misinformation. For the Record, Dr. Wiki or Nurse Google have never … Continue reading

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What’s that For?

Over the years, pre-hospital care has grown. We’ve moved away from some equipment, and have relegated other to dark corners of cabinets. Patient care is constantly changing. Some of this equipment has been shown to be ineffective, while other inventions … Continue reading

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Bigger than a Breadbox

As a side note, I recently had the pleasure of having Greg Friese, the Editor of in a class. I would ask everyone to please check out this website for information, updates, news and innovations in EMS. Many years … Continue reading

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But We’ve Always Done It . . .

Over the years we all come upon our own method of doing things. Whether it be our particular order of Primary survey to methods of writing a report. We’ve developed these based on what we feel is the best for … Continue reading

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When is Enough Too Much

Over the years pre-hospital education has taken many turns and has dramatically increased in both educational requirements and scope of practice. During it’s inception, pre-hospital medicine involved only quick transport, sometimes proving only the most rudimentary knowledge of medical care. … Continue reading

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Around the World in 80 Days

This last week we passed 80 days since I moved Medical Mondays to this blog format from Facebook. I want to thank each of you for being readers and I’m amazed how many countries are represented by frequent viewers. You will … Continue reading

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Bigger Than a Breadbox

Years ago I noticed that every time that my mother would bring home a loaf of bread that the immediately took the heels out and threw them away. I asked her why and she replied that because her mom did … Continue reading

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Is It Real?

When practicing, learning or testing it’s important that we try to make our injuries or illnesses as realistic as possible. A simple piece of tape that says “wound here” will not help prepare the prehospital provider with an understanding of … Continue reading

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