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What’s Your Problem?

One of the more difficult problems in pre-hospital medicine is to determine what the problem exactly is without high-priced diagnostic equipment or labs. I had written in the past of the methods that a doctor uses to create a diagnosis … Continue reading

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What’s Your Potential?

The internet is an amazing place! The mass of the world’s knowledge is shared freely for everyone. Unfortunately, the mass of the world’s lunacy is also open to continuing misinformation. For the Record, Dr. Wiki or Nurse Google have never … Continue reading

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Bigger Than a Breadbox

Years ago I noticed that every time that my mother would bring home a loaf of bread that the immediately took the heels out and threw them away. I asked her why and she replied that because her mom did … Continue reading

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Hlp m I cnt tlk rght, wh dnt y hlp m?

Communication is a very important part of all good medical care. If we are unable to effectively communicate with our patients; regardless if it is their inability to communicate, or our dedication to medical language that they wouldn’t understand, we … Continue reading

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A Rose by Any Other Name

“It’s sad but true, people judge you by the words you use.” This ad for Verbal Advantage, a vocabulary-building program, holds true for not only the words that we use with others, but the words that we use for ourselves … Continue reading

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Can’t Touch ‘Dis

Mark Twain once said that the proper method of raising children was to, at 12, stick them in a pickle barrel and feed them through the hole. At 14 cork the hole and walk away. I’m sure that there are … Continue reading

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All Star Care

July 21, 2014 As patrollers and volunteers you are an All Star Crew. We work with guests from many various backgrounds and needs . . . we work with the happy, sad, angry and jovial. We work with customers that … Continue reading

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