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What’s Your Problem?

One of the more difficult problems in pre-hospital medicine is to determine what the problem exactly is without high-priced diagnostic equipment or labs. I had written in the past of the methods that a doctor uses to create a diagnosis … Continue reading

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Are we Over Bagging?

When I went through EMS education, I was taught that when ventilating a patient with a BVM that it was important to deliver as much of the content of the bag as possible. We would almost wring out the bag … Continue reading

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Ventillation Role in Shock

May 13, 2015 In our last lesson, we were discussing shock and the 4 main things that can affect the exchange of oxygen at the cells. I listed these as: Lack of ventilation and oxygen exchange in the lungs 2. … Continue reading

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Air Goes In and Out. Blood Goes Round and Round. Anything Else is a Bad Thing!

August 11, 2014 This Monday, let’s look how air affects our lives. This un-narrated slide show will help provide significant insight into what we really do with the air we breathe. On important concept to consider when working with the … Continue reading

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