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What’s Your Problem?

One of the more difficult problems in pre-hospital medicine is to determine what the problem exactly is without high-priced diagnostic equipment or labs. I had written in the past of the methods that a doctor uses to create a diagnosis … Continue reading

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Trauma’s Deadly Triad

July 20, 2015 Trauma is defined as an outside force acting on the body causing injury. As EMT’s and patrollers we see trauma frequently, whether through a crash on a ski hill, a significant fall or automobile injury. Trauma can … Continue reading

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It’s Shocking How Many Types

June 22, 2015 For Medical Monday this week, we are going to learn about the different types and classifications of Shock overall. Major  & Sub- Classifications of Shock Hypovolemic Hemorrhagic – Severe bleeding or loss of body fluid from trauma, … Continue reading

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Vasculature and Shock

June 15, 2015 Happy Medical Monday again. I’m hoping that I got the automation fixed and that the articles will appear with more regularity. This being our second to last article on Shock we will discuss the last major cause … Continue reading

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Hypovolemia and Shock

June 1, 2015 We discussed getting air into the system to bind with the hemoglobin on the blood and the necessity to circulate it around the body. The third major cause of shock is a lack of blood in the … Continue reading

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The Heart’s Role in Shock

May 25, 2015 Happy Medical Monday and Happy Memorial Day! To all of our veterans in the group, a sincere thank you! We are the land of the free because of the brave . . . Your Bravery! Thank you! … Continue reading

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Ventillation Role in Shock

May 13, 2015 In our last lesson, we were discussing shock and the 4 main things that can affect the exchange of oxygen at the cells. I listed these as: Lack of ventilation and oxygen exchange in the lungs 2. … Continue reading

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Not So Shocking

April 27, 2015 Happy Medical Monday! Before I begin this year’s weekly installments, I would like to thank everyone throughout the region and Pine Mountain for a wonderful season. We’ve all had an opportunity to meet new friends, rekindle old … Continue reading

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