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Honoring our Brave Through Medicine

  Yes, I know it’s Tuesday. I hope that everyone had a wonderful day with their families and friends celebrating the brave who have given their lives to provide us with a safe, free lifestyle. Yesterday we celebrated the freedom … Continue reading

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What’s Your Problem?

One of the more difficult problems in pre-hospital medicine is to determine what the problem exactly is without high-priced diagnostic equipment or labs. I had written in the past of the methods that a doctor uses to create a diagnosis … Continue reading

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Ring Your Bell?

Recently there has been a much greater awareness of concussions in sports. More recent studies link concussions, particularly repetitive concussions with long term maladies. In the United States, there’s been a movie released that is quite critical of the NFL … Continue reading

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Hello! McFly!

We’ve all had patients that seem to be with us, but happen to be a few crayons short of the box of 64. Perhaps their lights seem to be off. How can we assess thoroughly someone’s neurological function? Trauma, stroke, electrolyte … Continue reading

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Trauma’s Deadly Triad

July 20, 2015 Trauma is defined as an outside force acting on the body causing injury. As EMT’s and patrollers we see trauma frequently, whether through a crash on a ski hill, a significant fall or automobile injury. Trauma can … Continue reading

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