This blog provides general information and discussion of medical treatment and advances in pre-hospital care. The words and content provided in this blog and linked article is not intended to provide medical advice.

While the information presented has been researched and is being delivered to enlighten and educate, utilization of these articles to change your practice will be done so at your own personal liability risk. No warranties are implied or granted regarding the accuracy of research projects and their concluded outcomes or suggestions. Please work with your medical control to discuss the merits and establish a change in your scope of practice before exercising any of the specific skills shown in these articles.

Scopes of practice are established by state laws and specific actions controlled by medical control. These articles will not change either.

At no time should these articles be construed to suggest a substitute to diagnosis and treatment or advise by a licensed physician.

It is my hope that by presenting updated research and different ways to look at our existing medical treatment that we can all move pre-hospital care forward. Medical advances are being discovered daily and disseminating this information out to other providers is one of the two primary purposes for this blog; the other is to explain difficult concepts in an easy to understand method.

All information contained on Medical Monday is copyrighted and reproduction without permission will not be accepted. Permission will, however, be easily granted. Please ask.

2 Responses to Disclaimer

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi – do y’all have an email list for topics or do you just use the “new post” notification ? Was looking for area to sign up for email list, but did not locate. Thanks, M


    • Margaret,

      I’m sorry, I don’t have a direct e-mail link. I’m a relatively new blogger and haven’t really explored all of the wordpress capabilities.

      I moved this blog from FaceBook as they were limiting the audience.

      I would suggest that you subscribe in the lower right hand corner of the main page. All of the previous article are available on the blog, and I’ve done my best to keep them categorized to ease finding relevant information.

      I hope that you enjoy the articles, and will help me secure new subscribers by sending them to http://www.medicalmonday.com.




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